With our service, the preparations for any event do not have to be so stressful

Where you will get both pre and post cleaning done no matter how big of an even you’re putting on.

You won’t have to spend the whole night focusing on cleaning when you hire us. We do it all for you from scrubbing the floors to setting up the silverware.

We want your event to go unhitched and will make every effort, on our behalf, to see to it that it does. Call today and schedule to meet with our cleaners and enjoy your party instead of worrying about clean-up.

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Pre Event

We can come to your facility for pre-cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting an event very big or small; we will work directly with you and your staff to determine what needs done at the pre-level of the event. This includes some deep cleaning services along with rugs, flooring, and drapery inspections. Post Event Whenever you hire Magic Cleaning; you’ll see that we do the post cleaning as well, which is the toughest part of the event. After hours cleaning can deliver the perfect atmosphere after your big event and you won’t get charged for any damages or garbage left behind fees.

Top Quality Cleaning Service

We specialize in top quality cleaning that you can rely on. If you are putting on a big wedding for your daughter or hosting an annual charity auction. Our cleaners are always ready to go and can take event the hardest cleaning project on as we offer a modern method of cleaning that even incorporates “Green” cleaning.