We take all measures to ensure your safety

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread and we want to assure you we are following all guidelines for sanitization, cleanliness, and precaution, provided by the government.

We are accepting quote requests and bookings for all our cleaning services. If you have a specific question about how we are working during this time, then please contact us. 

What we're doing to keep you safe

Now more than ever we understand the importance of protecting our customers and cleaning operators and technicians.

The current situation has led to many more precautions in order to avoid a further spread of this virus.

In our hands you can be sure that we will maintain strict sanitary control for this purpose. With the correct use of equipment and constant cleaning, we avoid spreading infectious entities, both our own and from previous cleanings.

This is what we are doing to keep everyone safe:

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PPE Equipment

We’re ensuring all our cleaning professionals are wearing the necessary commercial-grade PPE when carrying out cleaning services.

Regular checks on cleaners

We’re checking on all cleaning technicians daily to make sure they don’t have flu-like symptoms and haven’t been to high-risk areas. If we notice any symptoms, we will send a substitute professional to perform your service.

Key collection and drop off upon request 

To make life easier for you, we can arrange for your keys to be collected from your estate agent or a neighbor. The additional charge has been waived.

No cash payments (temporarily)

All payments will need to be made online or over the phone, until further notice.

No handshakes

We’ve instructed all professionals to keep a minimum distance of one meter with all people they come in contact with and refuse handshakes.

Daily body temperature checks

We carry our body temperature checks at the beginning of the workday.

Trust in our service. Health is not a game for us.